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Bible Sunday

March 29, 2009

Today's the day to share your special Bible(s)! Bring your special Bibles to Criswell Hall between... In addition to English, we saw Bibles in Welsh, High Dutch, Spanish, German, Italian, Greek, and Hebrew. Most notably, the oldest Bible was 309 years old, and written in "High Dutch". It is pictured at the very top of this page, and two images below on the left.

This was today's Oldest Bible, printed in 1700 in the High Dutch language. "High Dutch" was a reference to areas of the Rhein which are mostly German today. Germany didn't exist in the 1700s; it was a collection of over 400 independent states of various sizes, and the English used the term "high Dutch" to describe this collection of states.

The Most Unusual English Bible went to this Parallel edition which included columns in King James, Modern Language, Living Bible, and Revised Standard versions.

Tom Egan's Catholic Bible was among the three Best Illuminated.

Bibles were presented during the service today.

Nancy St. Laurent's Best Illuminated.

This Welsh Bible of 1865 was today's Most Unusual Language.

Today's Newest Bible was printed in 1999, in Spanish.

The ribbon for Most Used Bible went to Pastor David's grandparents' Bible.

Sally Weitkamp's Bible was among the Best Illuminated.

Today's Bible Bearer.

Today's Bible recipients with Pastor David.