First United Methodist Church of Arroyo Grande

The First United Methodist Church of Arroyo Grande Celebrates 125 Years of Ministry

Rock founded, Christ centered, Faith sustained

"Let the children come" was popular during Al Gorsline's time (as it remains today).

Burning of the mortgage brought former ministers and VIPs to gather around the bell. Rev. Ken Criswell, Rev. Robert Laird, Bishop Jack Tuell, Dist. Superintendent Robert Habersham, Rev. William Black, Rev. Al Gorsline, Rev. Thatcher Jordon, Former District Superintendent.

Financial Secretary Irene Way with Bishop Tuell and Pastor Al Gorsline.

The chimes were purchased with money left by Miss Fanny Hodges in memorial to all her family. Al Gorsline shows Wilma Dixon the unit here.

Brother Gorsline leads us as we dressed up and visited the old Campgrounds and re-enacted an old Camp Meeting complete with the "Amen" corner.

Juanita and Donovan Deal helped us by celebrating their 50th Anniversary.

Money was raised at the Annual Barbecue. Everyone pitches in to make this event fun as well as profitable.

We bid fond farewell to Rev. Alan Gorsline.

The old church has gone into business, "Interiors by Amanda". Today (2009) it is Harvest Church.

Old red parsonage.

The First United Methodist Church of Arroyo Grande at the corner of Halcyon and Bennett.

A view of the camp from Gordon Bonnet's balloon.

Reverends Taylor and Dougherty.

1970 - 1989

Text by Jean Hubbard

Rev. Al Gorsline was pastor 1974-1984.

District Superintendent Robert Habersham and Bishop Jack Tuell.

Our beautiful stained glass windows are in memory of Minnie Burgen, D. D. Conn, Dolly McWilliams, Gordon Dixon, Harvey Hodges, and Jessie Schultz.

1984, our Centennial Year, was full of many celebrations and observances.

Charles Wesley visited us. There were several concerts.

We welcomed in 1984 Rev. Everett Taylor and his wife Dorothy. His death at Christmas 1988 brought us interim pastors Roland Dexter and Vic Dougherty, along with others. This filled about 5 months until Conference. In his honor, the Everett Lee Taylor (ELT) Scholarship Fund was created which each year provides college financial support to the church's college-bound youth.

In 1989, Pastor Ehrhardt Lang and his wife Cheryl and family came here. He retired from this church in 2000.