First United Methodist Church of Arroyo Grande

Church Volunteers

Betty and Chuck Ashton
Judy Atwood
Kathleen, Doug, and Nick Ballagh
Larry and Nancy Boughman
Adeline Bottorff
Pastor David and Sarah Burgeson
Marg Cawelti
Harry Egan
Tom Egan
Fern Farmer
Bee Frantz
Bernie and Mary Hawkins
Hilary Henderson
Gloria and Mike Johnson
Judy Leonard
Patti Melshiemer
Eileen Odom
Carolyn, William, and Wyatt, Russell
Bob, Mary, and Susan Throndson
Larry and Pat Weimers
Sally and Bill Wietkamp

Other Volunteers

Randy Beaudoin
Bob Fernamberg
Ryan Luis
Ryun Myers
Peter and Jeff Quaglino
Ernesto Sanchez
CJ and Karl Slocum
Arroyo Grande Valley Kiwanis
Five Cities Fire Authority
CAL FIRE of San Luis Obispo County

RM 1

Lindsey Cooper
Eddie Escabedo
Arica and David Marshall
Mary Jean Sage

RM 4

Hillery and Mike Dixon
Christina and Jack Cuddy
Maureen Cattaneo
Amber and John Griffin
Leanne and Casey Johnston
Terrence Johnson
Angie King
Portia and Tisha Lardizabal
Stacey Lightfoot
Amber Wighton



Photos by Jamie Foster Photography.

Children’s Center Acknowledgement and Promotion

June 12, 2014

RM 3

Katie and Josh Baker
Jennifer Burger
Krista and Jason Chang
Steven and Amber Clark
Louise Dechart
Antonia and Isaac Garner
Kim Gebhart
Shauna and Kyle Hayes
Monica McCall
Nick Mihlhauser
Yusidivia Mosqueda
Chuck Richards
Heather Ross
Carissa Sigman
Anna and Tom Stieger
Anne Marie and Ryan Woodward

RM 2

Julie and Paul Amarillas
Dax and Kristi Balzer
John Cook
Summer Holt
Judy Koonce
Sarah Lawlor
Ashley Moses
Dana and Jenny Shaheen