Arroyo Grande United Methodist Children's Center

The Arroyo Grande Methodist Children's Center

Ms. Maddy

The Arroyo Grande United Methodist Children’s Center is dedicated to providing a sense of security that nurtures and values each child along with fostering family relationships. It is our goal to offer developmentally appropriate environments. Children learn through play and exploration experience both inside and outside the classroom. While preserving the integrity of our own Christian identity, we respect diverse religions and cultural backgrounds of all people. We hope every family feels welcomed and connected to our program.

Ms. Rebecca

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Ms. Shirley

Ms. Pam

Our Goals For Children

To increase a healthy self-esteem by providing a nurturing environment for growth and development.

To promote the child's self-direction, and encourage them to take responsibility for their actions.

To help children achieve a solid foundation for future academic success.

To help children develop an ability to express needs to others.

Care for others and respect people’s space, body, and feelings.

To develop a concept of a healthy nutrition.

To learn that each child is valued by family, teachers, peers, and God.

To provide a safe environment for children.