Arroyo Grande United Methodist Children's Center

What is Pre-K and Why is it Different?

This is a question that many people ask when they hear that we have a Pre-K class. In the Pre K class we set our curriculum goals based on the Pre-Kindergarten Learning and Development Guidelines (PLDG). These guidelines were adopted by the state of California in 2000. These guidelines refer and complement policies adopted by the State Board of Education. The guidelines present a broad picture of high- quality programming (pldg. 3). While the guidelines are not mandatory (pldg, 3) we choose to follow them. Along with following these guidelines, we also have a partnership with the Lucia Mar School District's SNIPS program for children with special needs and with several kindergarten teachers at different sites. This relationship is fundamental in helping young children make a successful transition from early care and education settings to kindergarten. On the advice of the kindergarten teachers and keeping the state development guidelines in mind, we adopted two programs into our curriculum.

- The first program is Zoo-phonics. This program is used in several kindergarten classes and is also very exciting for the children.

- The second program is Everyday Math in Pre-K. This math program uses the calendar as a base to help children learn patterning, number recognition as well as simple addition and subtraction.

Both of these programs were developed based on the Pre-Kindergarten Learning and Development Guidelines. The uses of these programs do come at a price, children enrolled in our Pre K program have an additional fee of $25.00 Please make a separate check payable to AGUMCC and in the memo write Pre K curriculum.

Thank you for choosing our program,
Maddy Quaglino, AGUMCC Director

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